Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Initiatives, Events, Projects - from 2013 to 2014

We will try to review and list the activities following the main Initiatives, Events and Projects that happened in 2013 and prepare their planning for 2014.


1. Bulgarian Cycling Strategy.
 1.1. Preparation of a work group. List of participants.  Possible budgeting for participants.
 1.2. Defining a Ministry to lead and initiated the process. Possibilities: Transport Ministry, Ministry of Regional Development.
 1.3. Definition if it is going to be a strategy or a national plan
 1.4. Listing of all laws and regulation that has be altered or changed in favor of cycling policies. Close cooperation with VeloBG
 1.5. Screening of all Bulgarian National Strategies and Plans in the perspective of cycling policies
 1.6. Inclusion of Cycling Policies in the Plans for regional Development (INSPIRED). This platform has the ambition to become a regional tool for popularization of cycling by explicitly mentioning 'cycling policies' in all relevant strategies.

2. Black Sea Cycling Trail (BSCT)
  2.1.Official signing of the letter of support from mayors along the BSCT
  2.2. Creation of a work group in cooperation with UBBSLA. Set up a plan with the National EurVelo Coordination Center.
  2.3. Starting the procedure for recognizing the BSCT as a key touristic national strategy.

3. Projects
3.1. Iron Curtain Trail -  started 10/2012, ending 9/2014 , co financed by SEE
    Planned events and study tours during spring and summer of 2014. We plan to use these events and invite     decision makers.
     3.1.1. Defining the key cultural points of interest along the ICT and prepare the certification of ICT to be certified as a cultural route.
     3.1.2. Initiate lobbying for opening of a border check point at Resovo between Bulgaria and Turkey.

2. Bike to Work
     The project is at 'adjustment' stage. Planned starting  March 2014. March 2017
      The project is about popularization of cycling and will help employers and employees to find their way in going to work by bike.


    Key supporter of the project in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Industrial Association. We plan to work with wide range of Employers Organisations through them.


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