Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Types of Cyclists

News from our partners from ADFC - the German cycling federation:
At the end of the year they published interesting result from the research of the 4 types of cyclists:

 (Translation in Bulgarian)
• Силни и безсташни - <1%
• Уверени – 7%
• Заинтересувани но притеснени – 60 %
• “Няма начин” – 33%

Our target is to work for those 7% that would cycle if there is proper infrastructure and implemented cycling policies. In other words - cycling lanes, contra flow streets and changed behaviour of the people on the streets.
Those figures are relevant for most of Europe and is used for statistical calculations for the economical impact of cycling.
Short example of the economical impact for the area north of Burgas (relevant for the area north of Varna as well)
- tourists - 4 mil.
- potential cycling tourista - 280 000 (7%)
- impact over the local economy arround the area of the cycling route -  280 000 daily cycling trips X 15 Euro per day = 4,2 mil. Euro.
So if 7% will caycle jut one day the mone needed for the construction of the cycling lane will be paid pack in one season.
(translation in Bulgarian)
       Брой туристи : 4 млн
       Потенциални велотуристи : 280 000 (7%).
       Въздействие върху местния туризъм в близост до маршрута от 280 000 дневни велопътувания - по 15 евро на ден = 4,2 млн евро.

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