Sunday, January 5, 2014

Initiative about organization of a cycling event on both sides of the Bulgarian Turkish border at Rezovo (Black Sea coast)



Initiative about organization of  a cycling event on the both sides of the Bulgarian Turkish border at Rezovo (Black Sea coast).

Period: Spring or Summer of 2014. Format: One or two days event with cycling and open air discusion forum; Fun, Cycling,  Sea, Wind and slooow food.

We expect any suggestion about people to be invited from the organizations below or elsewhere. We  rely on our  friend’s personal contacts in these organizations to choose politicians who would love to cycle and will support the cycling idea from their heart.

So, please, check your contacts, Facebook  friends , Tweet followers  and give a feedback. We will soon have a Facebook page dedicated to the event.

The idea is in relation to the following  activities that we have as a partner in the project Iron Curtain Trail, co-financed by SEE (

 3.5 Preparation of the development and pilot action.

We have planned a feasibility study to improve the combined (public transport and cycling) services.
5.4 Promotion events
The event will promote elaborated sustainable tourism and transport offers.
6.2 Training study tour, awareness rising for national regional and local authorities.
The objective of these actions is to improve the knowledge of the stakeholders and technical staff which should implement the action plans (WP3) including the long-term management, but it also means motivation for the decision makers in order to allocate the significant resources (to inform and convince them about the effects and necessary actions).

The above is the official description of the activities. To put it simply -  we plan to invite politicians and decision makers to cycle on both sides of the river and possibly cross it generating a powerful political message that this future border  check point is necessary for the  sustainable tourism and  economy of the whole region. Its existence is crucial for the further development of the ICT (eurovelo13), Danube cycling trail (EuroVelo6) , Black Sea Cycling Trail (EuroVelo 16) as a whole regional EuroVelo network. Once existent the border check point will allow a significant increase of the cycling tourism along the coast and all trails leading to the Black Sea. Also this will increase the use of cycling from local population.  The  impact of the society will be huge - cycling as a  daily  urban transport, sustainable tourism, ecology, better health of the population and less obesity.

We plan to invite people, politicians and decision makers from the following organizations:

Municipalities along the Bulgarian Turkish border,

Regional Authority of Burgas and Kirklareli,

Trakya  Development Agency – Kirklarely,

Black Sea Economical Cooperation, International Black Sea Club

Bulgarian and Turkish Ministries – Transport, Tourism,  Regional Development, Foreign Affairs

Assembly of European Regions, The European Parliament, Committee on Transport and Tourism (Mr Kramer – founder of ICT)

Wide representation of the NGO sector in Bulgaria, Turkey and Europe.
The narrow border  river between Bulgaria and Turkey


Example of a very cheap solution - border check
point with boats to be used as ferries.


Example of a an expensive cycling bridge - about 5 mil. Euro

Example of a reasonable cheap small bridges. May be arround 500 000 Euro

Well, we are not engineers and invite the professionals to give advice, expertise or just an opinion.

Thanks inadvance!

Facebook page dedicated on the event will be created soon.

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