Tuesday, December 31, 2013

History links

During the discussions and the presentations of ICT and EuroVelo at the municipalities of Varna and Burgas and found that the media and the participants liked very much the following historical links and parallels we did with our present activities:

1. Piri Rais map and charted.

This map together with a charter (detailed information about the shores - water sources, cities, etc.) was presented to Sultan Selim in 1520. This strategic document had tremendous impact of the following events as it caused the decision of the sultan to start building a fleet. Till then the Ottomans had no fleet and the Venetians and the Genovese transported them when needed. With the new fleet the Ottomans conquered the Black sea shores and the eastern Mediterranean. For the following 400 years the Black Sea area assured  the major source for the Empire's treasury.  The impact of the Piri Rais map and charter is huge for the history as without it is doubtful if the fleet would have been created and if the empire would have been expanded.

We made a direct link of the letter of support for EuroVelo and the Black Sea Cyclimg Trail development with the Piri Rais map. We believe the BSCT could be  huge importance for the tourism and economy of the whole west coast of the Black Sea.

Another link is the Donauradweg (the Danube Cycling Trail) . 40 years ago, before it was constructed no one could have imagined the economical impact and the cycling touristic flow it has now.

The initial survey of the coast lines in the region shows that the west Black Sea coast is mostly flat and not so much populated in comparison to Greece, Turkey and Italy. This makes it suitable for the development of cycling tourism together with the suitable climate - not so hot climate.

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